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SPORTSIFY is a leading upper -level business platform with integrated adaptable financial sporting solutions for Schools-Colleges-Sports centers-Communities-Sports teams and organizations management but a specific aspect of our platform deals with 

1-Sports marketing 2- Merchandise 3- Manufacturing 4-Entrepreneurship 5-Law 6- Event management 7-Finance 8- Economics 9- Statistics and more . 

According to Forbes, in 2020/21 the North American sports industry is expected to be worth $73.5 billion, and the global value of the industry is estimated by some to be well over $1 trillion each year going forward.

Earning a piece of it for SPORTSIFY is our way into this market, so let’s look at what it will entitle to . In order for SPORTSIFY to strive and compete in a well funded industry we will need to associate ourselves with clients such as 

  • Scholastic and amateur sports teams/organizations
  • Fitness and health organizations
  • Sporting goods manufacturers
  • Professional sports teams
  • Sports or fitness start-ups
  • Athletes
  • Among many other supervisory position in the sports world.

What sort of expertises can SPORTSIFY bring to the table for those type of organization to financially succeed and position themselves as key players on an already challenging market 

  • Coordinate, run, and analyze the efficacy of sports organizations and events
  • Draft or recruit athletes
  • Hire athletic staff, including coaches, scouts, trainers, etc.
  • Manage athlete training
  • Manage Sports Psychology organizations
  • Negotiate trades or contracts
  • Develop and scout talent
  • Manage personnel to get better results and accomplish organizational objectives
  • Work in sales
  • And so much more.


  • Highly organized: as a sports organizations we have a stunning number of moving intricately connected parts that need management.
  • Well informed: we collect the latest understanding of statistics, trends, and everything that influences the industry.
  • Adaptive: as things change in the sports world, we always recalibrate our business decisions frequently.
  • Forward thinking: being able to predict what will be the most important changes in the industry will help us make better decisions today for a more successful tomorrow 
  • Adept communicators: SPORTSIFY is about getting the best work and cooperation from our staff, adjacent businesses and more to create better products and services for our clients and the public at large.
  • IF you would like SPORTSIFY to be associated with your business organization then we would like to hear from you let us do all the backstage work for your business .

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