SPORTSIFY is our latest business venture we proud ourselves with this unique one of a​​​​​​​​​​​​ kind sports , health , fitness , mental wellbeing hub center dedicated and catering to the everyday living soul as well as your typical family .we cater and provide lifelong detailed solutions to the individual , corporate , communities , schools , business centers , nurseries , fitness centers , sports centers ,clubs and beyond in order to enhance and superboost the human , social , corporate , life prospect experiences . our 30 plus years experie

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The name tabbouleh comes from the Arabic word 'taabil' which means to season or spice and tabbouleh is thought to have first been eaten in the mountains of Lebanon and Syria more than 4000 years ago. it originated in the Levant, the historic Middle Eastern region that encapsulated a large swath of land east of the Mediterranean Sea, including modern-day Israel. TABOULI is all about health and wellbeing it is a journey to infinite abundance of self discovery , physical performances , mental positivity . TABOULI proud itself in instilling in your inner gut our daily freshly handpicked fruits and vegetables transformed into the most delicious mix salads menu . engineered by our myriads of in house chefs or partners restaurants combine with our top nutritionist resulting in an unlimited amount of dynamite fresh ingredients to stir you on the road to eternal wellbeing and mindfulness .



an online school designed to fit the needs of young athletes. By using the advantage of the internet and new technologies, we created a high-quality online school and made it available worldwide. By implementing specific learning methodology, we enable young athletes to get excellent education without interfering with or compromising their efforts in achieving athletic goals. Sport World School is a department of Education World Wide, which is also an international online school that works as an umbrella company.



We are everyone's sports management agency. At NYSS, we would like to define ourselves as a perfect sports and event management consultancy with unique blend of Sports, Health and Fitness, corporate events, sports conferences and leagues, etc. acquired over a decade between, Europe, U.S.A., Africa and the Middle East.



As full-service sports, leisure, tourism, consultant, and fitness management company, M.M.C was founded 25 years ago by his sole owner MARC MASSAD. the idea was to provide a wide variety of sports, leisure, health, fitness and wellness services to members, guests, residents M .M.C management consultancy services has been operating on 4 different continents Europe, middle east, g cc, originating from the U S A in NEW YORK It includes designing, planning, promoting, marketing, managing facilities layout, and equipment recommendations as well as sports management academies for newly planned residential health and fitness facilities projects.As a sports marketing leisure fitness facility operator, we select, train and supervise qualified management staffs Directors and all other sports fitness and wellness staff including personal trainers, yoga, and aerobics instructors, special class personnel, and all other facility staff. M.M.C also provides creative, innovative, entertainment solutions For your business, personal projects as well as financial management and complete turnkey program implementation in supervising all aspects of facility operations. M.M.C provide sports marketing Leisure and tourism, fitness and wellness facility consultancy and management services for golf and country clubs, hotels and resorts, residential communities, office and corporate work sites and real estate developments worldwide



ADRENALINE FITNESS is not just another fitness brand it s more than that it s a way of life , a engrave in your everyday lifestyle we proud ourselves with cutting edge mechanism wether you are a GYM , SPA , HOTEL , INDIVIDUAL , COMPANY , COMMUNITY , we have it all for you we are your ultimate ,cutting edge fitness marketing group .



Marc brought his US-based (sports, health and fitness) company to the UAEin 2010. In the UAE, New York Sports Services is involved, through its programmes, in raising the awareness of adults in terms of health and fitness as well as healthy development of children and young people through sport and physical education. Sport and physical education is fundamental to the early development of children and youth with important skills learned during play. Sport and physical education contribute to the holistic development of young people. Through participation in sport and physical activities young people learn theimportance of key values such as: honesty, teamwork, fair play, adherence to rules and respect for themselves and others. Sport also provides a forum for young people to learn how to deal with competition and how to cope with both winning and losing. These learning aspects highlight the impact of sport and physical education on the social and moral development of children, in addition to physical skills and abilities. Here at NYSS, our main goal is providing our client and partners with the right tools to turn dreams into reality; a “healthy body… healthy mind… and healthy spirit.”