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Chief Executive Officer at Sportsify

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The definition of Mental toughness is having the natural or developed psychological edge that enables a certain percentage of athletes, people, entrepreneurs, human beings to generally cope better than your average person with the many life  demands (competition, training, lifestyle, pressure and specifically more consistent and better prepare to overcome life threatening events . The Sportsify 3 M rule philosophy will allow you to Asses , Analyze , Establish and Generate a number of powerful Mental Strength Solutions adapted to every precarious situation you find yourself in at a certain point in your life . Success can be measure by a person s heart or by his powerful Mental capabilities to overcome hurdles and obstacles . you will fail you will fail more often than you think you are capable of but ultimately the question you need to ask yourself - Do you have the Mental fortitude to face those failures , grab them by the Hornes in order to come up victorious on the other side of life . Fears management - life setbacks - personal injuries Mental breakdown - Business Entrepreneurship - careers pressures all have one thing in common in order for you to excel or beat the odds you will have to build a resilient 3 M strategy path towards an ultimate resilient strategic response . The Sportsify 3 M system has been established over a period of 30 years through a proven life pathway experiences built in the High Performance Sports participation as a player , coach , mentor , manager . Entrepreneurship , start ups , business mentoring , business coaching has increase our Mental capabilities in overcoming a multitude of life threatening situations . it will not be easy to navigate through life obstacles all by yourself - the majority of us were not born with the right Mental attitude to face all this but like one of my mentors always said and I quote Admiral McRaven : it will not be easy but if you start your day with a task completed - find the right partner to assist you through life - respect everyone - life is not always fair , Mental yourself the right way - Move forward - Don t be afraid to fail often - take calculated risks - dig deep into your Mental toughness when times are not going the way you wanted to be -Never Ever give up - Mental your way through situations - if you believe our 3M rule system is not made for you then you definitely need to get in touch with us cause if and when you ever experienced life downturns and you started shielding yourself with parts of our 3 M System every little Mental add on you gained will multiply the number of positives in your lifespan . If you don t believe in yourself that you are capable to conquer or change the world around you nobody else will . Change your mindset , reset your Mental clock become Emotionally resilient , one of the 10 Mental toughness commandment is to ask for help , if you believe you don t have the right Mental attitude to overcome your fears and more then get in touch with us - our 3M step by step approach to Mental Toughness will be a game changer in everyone deciding to beat their life opposing challenges .

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