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As a an entrepreneur and multi branded business owner in the sports world pre Covid- 19 has been for  us at Sportsify quite an adventure building up our brand from 0 to 100 in a matter of years . Living in an interconnected global business world has facilitated our growth exponentially , being able to hop on a plane in a heart beat , schedule a multicultural business meeting between Dubai  , London  , New York,  Singapore  has brought us a tremendous amount of expansion on a global sport s business world . Unfortunately all this business adventure suddenly came to a stop , a freeze , yes we have replaced flying to a meeting by Zooming to a meeting , not the same in my opinion , in order for me to set up assist and close a deal , nothing will ever beat the face to face meeting set up . The question i have  been asking myself as a sports entrepreneur  since  time froze a couple of month ago  how  will the global system be shaped after this pandemic ? I guess this is the million dollars  question every business entrepreneur in every field is asking himself . my guess is that isolationism will probably be a way forward for both economic and foreign policy . the global economic order has been disrupted we are about to witness inevitable corporate systemic changes in several layers of society . In my opinion this pandemic will have a massive impact on globalization , sports has always been in my eyes a healing process and a global positive communicator for all type of society cast . Even in major global world crisis Sports was always the answer and hopefully will remain the same for the global human race isolationism is not the answer we ve been looking for , developing viable global business economic policies to meet the needs of every sports business entrepreneur should remain our number one priority as guardians of such a reputable way of life . We are already witnessing fundamental changes in the field of sports such as Tennis  tour , football leagues , championships , Olympic Games ,   will this remain a new normal or are we going to go back to the old ways of getting involved with sports wether as promoters or spectators who knows ? I guess time will tell , let s see what the new normal will look like . Entrepreneurs can t push the pause button , we have to move forward , adapt to the moments we are witnessing in order to weather the storm we facing , embrace virtuality but cherish the old ways and never forget that transformation through innovation are the keys to a more sustainable globalization sports world .