The name tabbouleh comes from the Arabic word 'taabil' which means to season or spice and tabbouleh is thought to have first been eaten in the mountains of Lebanon and Syria more than 4000 years ago.
it originated in the Levant, the historic Middle Eastern region that encapsulated a large swath of land east of the Mediterranean Sea, including modern-day Israel. TABOULI is all about health and wellbeing it is a journey to infinite abundance of self discovery , physical performances , mental positivity . TABOULI proud itself in instilling in your inner gut our daily freshly handpicked fruits and vegetables transformed into the most delicious mix salads menu .
engineered by our myriads of in house chefs or partners restaurants combine with our top nutritionist resulting in an unlimited amount of dynamite fresh ingredients to stir you on the road to eternal wellbeing and mindfulness .
SERVICES WE DELIVER : 1- tailored athlete sports nutrition 2- Assisted immune boaster salads for recovering patients 3-- salads made for you or by you 4-- world salads 5-- certified local listed partners restaurants 6-- chef platforms 7--- Tabouli will be featuring your own recipe by promoting and selling you providing the opportunity to become our in house chef entrepreneur 8-- Healthy mind in a healthy body 9-- be your own chef 10-- plan your daily , weekly, monthly salads menu  11- be in touch with our Nutritionist  12-- illness related immune boaster type of salads 13 -- TABOULI your life health partner